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Use curated, pre-trained, and verified machine learning models or, train and upload your own with Constellation.
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Generate human-readable tags for images with SqueezeNet, and ImageNet.
import { Tensor, InferenceSession, TensorType } from "@cloudflare/constellation";

const input = await decodeImage(data);
const session = new InferenceSession(env.CLASSIFIER, "a785280...");
const tensorInput = new Tensor(TensorType.Float32, input, { shape: [1, 3, 224, 224] });
const predictionTensor = Object.values(await[tensorInput]))[0];
const softmaxResult = softmax(predictionTensor.value);
const results = topClasses(softmaxResult, 5);

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  • Character.AI logoCharacter.AI

    Character AI is building the next generation of dialog agents across industries spanning entertainment, education, and more. R2 has been the glue behind our multi-cloud architecture for training and processing requests. We are now able to store our training and production data in R2 for access by any cloud, without egress fees, and get the best prices and performance across multiple cloud providers. Cloudflare is helping us rapidly expand our infrastructure and envision the future of conversational AI.
    — Myle Ott, Founding Researcher

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  • Leonardo.Ai logoLeonardo.Ai brings AI-powered creative tools to users like indie game developers and creators. After launching, our explosive growth was a near existential crisis – the exorbitant data transfer costs from other providers were not sustainable for an early stage, high-growth startup in a data intensive space. Cloudflare’s R2 saved the day. The API compatibility meant switching over our apps was a breeze, with minimal engineering effort. The dashboard tool for migrating our existing data worked flawlessly. And the pricing is unbeatable, the best we found both on a per-GB and egress cost basis.
    — Pete Werner, Head of AI

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  • Lexica logoLexica

    Lexica's users are generating millions of images per month, letting them unleash their creativity and express themselves in new ways. wouldn't be possible without R2 and Workers. Using these products has given us a lot of control over the images we serve and helps us keep the website snappy and responsive. With the number of requests we serve, it would easily cost 100x more on Amazon.
    — Sharif Shameem, Founder

    built using...

  • SiteGPT logoSiteGPT

    SiteGPT is working to make personalized chatbots accessible to every website. We use Cloudflare for everything – storage, cache, queues, and most importantly for training data and deploying the app on the edge, so I can ensure the product is reliable and fast. It's also been the most affordable option, with competitors costing more for a single day's worth of requests than Cloudflare costs in a month. The power of the developer platform and performance tools made it an easy choice to build with Cloudflare.
    — Bhanu Teja Pachipulusu, Founder

    built using...

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  • GPUX logoGPUX

    GPUX is solving the problem of providing GPUs for training and inference.

  • Quest AI logoQuest AI

    Automatically generate front-end code for Pages with Quest AI.

  • Targum Video logoTargum Video

    See how Targum is translating videos to remove language barriers with Stream.

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  • Developer Docs Chat GPT plug-in

    Get up-to-date product information from our developer documentation in ChatGPT.

  • Cloudflare Radar Chat GPT plug-in

    Retrieve data from Radar within ChatGPT with this plugin.

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